How to Become a Member of a Sailing Club in the UK

Sailing clubs are some of the warmest and friendliest associations in the UK.

Every club has its own membership requirements, but they are usually very friendly across the board. People can join sailing clubs through a physical application at a club’s offices or through an online application.

Here are some steps on how to become a member of a sailing club in the UK.

Fill in A Membership Application Form

Sailing clubs in the UK are civilised and follow certain protocols when registering new members. New members are usually required to fill in an application form. In many cases, new applications should be proposed and seconded by an existing member of the club. Club secretaries are always a call away in case of any questions.

Deliver the Form

Every new member is required to leave their application form at the club for consideration. People filling in the form on the internet can send the form to the club’s official email account.

Pay Subscription Fees

Sailing clubs require members to pay a subscription fee to show their commitment and also facilitate the running of the club’s activities. These payments can be made through e-wallets, VISA, debit, and credit cards. Members are free to enjoy club activities after their payment is received.

Probably the easiest registration you will ever encounter, really!