Casino Games for People Who Love Sailing

You probably already know that most cruise ships have always had casinos. But did you know that casino gaming was only allowed when the ship was sailing in most parts of the world? The reason for this was to avoid going against the gambling laws where the vessels docked.

Gambling when sailing makes a lot of sense because, just like sailing, gambling involves testing unknown waters. That is why it is the perfect thing to have sailing-themed games in modern casinos.

The idea has been best exemplified in online casinos like, making it easy to create numerous games. Sailing lovers can now enjoy such games in their favourite casinos.

Sailor-Themed Slots

Slots allow users to use their creativity more than with other casino games. Unlike roulette, where the wheel has definite characteristics, slots allow the developer to play with features like the number of reels, scatter symbols, and reward coins.

Sailor-themed slots use the same principle as ordinary slots but then use things that sailors encounter as symbols. These include boats/yachts, sailor hats and clothes and water creatures. Playing these slots feels like navigating the waters and exploring the unknown.

Some of the best slots for lovers of sailing include Ocean Princess, Lucky Blue, Sails of Gold, Mermaid Millions, Lord of the Ocean, Maritime Maidens and Queen of the Atlantis. You can also sample Ocean Rush, Dolphin’s Pearl, Orca, Ariana, Cash Wave and Lucky Fishing.

The list is long, and the names are particularly creative. You can play some of these games for free and others for real money.

In slot gaming, the theme plays a huge role in the player’s satisfaction. Having a sailor theme alone should make these games fun for sailing lovers. The winning then comes as an impressive bonus!

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