Best Places to Learn Sailing in the United Kingdom

Chasing the sun, setting out on the sea, and discovering new corners of the country might sound like a wild dream, but it is possible. If you are under the impression that sailing is a dangerous and difficult adventure or that it is beyond your budget, here are some institutions that teach sailing that can change your mind. They are fun, affordable, and offer the best quality training.

Classic Sailing

This institution is ranked highly under the RYA standards. It is one of the best sailing training institutions in the United Kingdom. The institution is popular among beginners and novice sailors.

At Classic Sailing, learners always get a wide range of courses depending on the sailing skills that they desire to achieve.

Some of these courses include practical sailing lessons, crew management, offshore crew, and guest management. Learners can also enrol for mini courses to ensure that people on board are well catered for and make the sailing experience fun and comfortable.

Elite Sailing

Elite Sailing is one of the sailing centres that learners living in London should consider. The centre encourages both qualified sailors and amateurs to enrol. Beginners can learn to sail with a yacht or motor-powered boat.

Experienced sailors have the opportunity to perfect their skills by sailing with the Yacht-master or coastal skipper. The trainers also teach the ropes in a patient and friendly environment.

Northumbria Sailing Centre

Northumbria Sailing is one of the most affordable sailing training centres in the UK. It offers practical courses for both beginners and experienced sailors who want to perfect their skills. The programs run for two to five days. Learners can extend the program depending on their needs.

Greenwich Yacht Club

Here, learners get several courses ranging from sea survival sessions to skipper training. For beginners, the centre offers VHF radio operator and first aid training. This is a famous training centre regardless of one’s prior sea experience because the trainers make the learning experience fun.

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