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Felpham sailing is a website created to serve the needs of sailing lovers in Felpham and beyond. It caters to the needs of people who enjoy sailing as well as those who are just developing a love for the sport.

Find carefully written articles covering numerous topics that relate to sailing. The content is written in simple language for the novice to understand, yet stylistic enough for the seasoned sailor to enjoy.

Sailing Clubs

Sailing is usually organised into clubs. Clubs do a lot for the members to ensure they are safe and have the best infrastructure at their disposal. Read this article to understand what makes up the best sailing clubs and which ones stand out from the rest.

Sailing Club Membership

After understanding the role of sailing clubs, you will need to join one. Find out how to pick the most suitable one for you and how to go about the process of joining.

Sailing Courses

People who are just joining sailing clubs need to take basic lessons, while regulars can take advanced lessons. Find out how and where to take lessons that will spur you to pro sailor status.

Sailing Races

Once you have joined clubs and learned how to sail, you may want to join in on the competitive actions. Or you could just go out and enjoy the best races as a fan. The site details the best races that any sailing enthusiast should look out for.


This site offers an exciting chance to narrate your sailing stories. Find out how and where you can share your insights.


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